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Setting up a new company

Setting up a company can be achieved even through the internet without the need of the entrepreneur. The success and functionality of a company depends every decision fron the very beginning, no matter how insignificant they seem.
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Company counseling

Company counseling on different areas does not necessarily mean a counselor at the point of work, it can be granted without interrupting the activity flow beeing.
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Chance and weighing opportunities

It’s hard to figure out what is the most desired product on the market or to implement a business plan without a corect analysis of the market , an analysis that can be hard to obtain without actually living in that country. In order to receive a high quality, thorough analysis , it takes tact and a speacial feeling.
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Looking for the right staff

Quantity is not necessarily quality, but in many cases it can be compensated by the price difference .We are your partners for manufacturing projects.
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Contact person

Contacting an important individual in a serious and discreet manner and selecting potential customers/partners is the task of an angent specialized in the field.
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Construction permits and obtaining finance

Are you tired of unfulfilled promises? Are you not satisfied with the information received regarding construction permits? Find out our opinion about these topics – trust our experience.
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Import/export of products and services

Compliance with the legislation in force and the checking of the required documents ,it’s our duty to inform you more in detail If they are completed and correctly filled out. Comparing prices of transportation and checking its legality is one area where we can be of help.
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Avoiding market monopolies

You are a merchant or seller and acknowledge the fact that the products are cheaper in other countries, but because of the contracts signed you can not go beyond the borders, then you will need a plan B!
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Use the current trend

You definitely do not swim with pleasure against the tide! You want of course to use a current Trend( for example: Due to the high market economy a Transportation company is looking for drivers and also means of external transport)
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